With Friends Like These, Who Needs Enemies

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The best basketball player on the planet is not the most resolute of teammates. Four years after jilting the Cleveland Cavaliers to pursue championships with two other top players on the Miami Heat, James announced in July that he would return to the Cavaliers to pursue championships with two different standouts. Sure, basketball is a business, and league MVPs have switched teams in the past although more often at the tail end of their career, not their prime.

But tell that to Miami Heat fans, who acutely felt the pain that Cavalier fans felt when James took his talents to South Beach. Cruz reasserted himself as the master of the Pyrrhic victory a few weeks ago, using procedural tactics to prevent the Senate from completing its final piece of work for the year -- a funding bill for the rest of fiscal -- on Dec. Either way, the Senate confirmed nearly 60 nominees on Dec. Lawmakers were stunned by a CNN report in April that a VA hospital in Phoenix had kept false records that covered up how long vets had to wait for treatment, and that at least 40 had died before they could get care.

Similar reports then surfaced around the country, leading to investigations at more than two dozen VA facilities. What made the situation particularly outrageous is that the VA was established for the sole purpose of treating veterans.

with friends like that, who needs enemies

By hiding its failure from the public, the VA prevented lawmakers from addressing the problem. Congress eventually did take up the issue, pouring more money into the agency and allowing more vets to obtain care outside the logjammed system. King, Hurst and Levy are the plaintiffs in a lawsuit that contends health premium subsidies should not be available in states with federally managed insurance exchanges. If they win, the three Virginia residents -- all in their early 60s, with moderate incomes -- will cause millions of low- to moderate-income Americans to lose their insurance subsidies.

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The trio are essentially standing up for the right not to buy comprehensive insurance coverage. The legal issue -- whether the administration effectively rewrote the law or merely made a reasonable interpretation of a confusing provision -- is interesting. The Supreme Court is expected to decide the case by the end of June. Windle , Daniel Eamon Briggs.

How do you tell a 'weasel' from a 'fraggle'?

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References Publications referenced by this paper. The culture of control. Policing Gangs in America C.

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Ronald Huff. To Serve and Protect? Tita , Jacqueline Cohen , John Engberg. The usual suspects? Delinquent boys. With friends like this, who needs enemies?

Thread starter buoo Start date Sep 14, Would you say the expression could mean "why would I borrow trouble? Biffo Senior Member England.

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No it doesn't mean that at all! The meaning is completely different. Example Mary: Does my bum look big in this? Jane: It looks enormous. Jane is making a joke Mary: How dare you! With friends like you, who needs enemies?

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