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Whether those additional features are enough to spring the cost of the upgrade or to entice you to sign up for the new monthly subscription model available through Office is your call. Figure 1 shows you the Start experience for PowerPoint You can also scroll down through the list and click or tap the template that looks good to you, or choose one of the Suggested Searches just below the search box to display templates by category.

Word now offers Read Mode to help you review documents quickly using a touch device or your desktop computer. Read Mode displays the file in a view with a minimum of screen clutter so you can focus on the document text.

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You can page through the document by clicking or tapping the arrow keys on the right or left sides of the screen, and change the way the text is displayed by using the options in the View menu see Figure 2. Figure 2 Read Mode enables you to focus on the text and move from page to page easily, using a touch device or a traditional computer. Check an app? Do a search on the web? Use your phone? Display the calendar by clicking Calendar in the lower-left corner of the Outlook window to get started, and then click the weather area in the top center of the calendar display.

Choose the location you want, and Outlook does the rest. Figure 3 You can add the weather conditions to your calendar to help you plan out your week. My favorite is the Quick Analysis toolbar, which appears as a small tool whenever you select data on your worksheet. Click the category of tool you want to use, and the toolbar changes to display the tools related to your selection.

How to Bring Back the Microsoft Office Picture Manager in Office or

In Figure 4 , you see the tools available for formatting the data selected on the worksheet. Most of us are at least a little nervous when we have to give a presentation. PowerPoint now includes a great tool called Presenter View that enables you to manage the presentation with more confidence. Presenter view enables you to easily control the display of slides on the screen, see which slides are coming next, read your presenter notes, and even annotate the slides as you go along.

To display Presenter View, choose Slide Show view or press F5 and then tap the options button on the far right end of the slide show controls in the lower-left corner of your screen.

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