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The tragic case, described in Wednesday's New England Journal of Medicine, points to larger issues about assigning labels or making assumptions in a society increasingly confronting gender variations in sports, entertainment and government.


In medicine, there's a similar danger of missing diseases such as sickle cell and cystic fibrosis that largely affect specific racial groups, the authors write. More: Iowa Senate Republicans propose banning the use of Medicaid dollars on transgender surgery. More: Armenian transgender activist says she's faced death threats since historic speech.

Transgender men, who are considered female at birth but who identify as male, may or may not be using masculinizing hormones or have had surgical alterations, such as womb removal. The year-old patient told the nurse he was transgender when he arrived at the emergency room and his electronic medical record listed him as male.

What to Expect from Your Child's Heart Surgery at Children's Hospital Colorado

He hadn't had a period in several years and had been taking testosterone, a hormone that has masculinizing effects and can decrease ovulation and menstruation. But he quit taking the hormone and blood pressure medication after he lost insurance.

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A home pregnancy test was positive and he said he had "peed himself" — a possible sign of ruptured membranes and labor. A nurse ordered a pregnancy test but considered him stable and his problems non-urgent. Several hours later, a doctor evaluated him and the hospital test confirmed pregnancy.

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Journal of Neonatal Surgery is a peer reviewed, open access and online-only journal that promotes the dispersion of quality research in the field of Neonatal Surgery. It is the only journal dedicated fully to Neonatal Surgery- a developing specialty. The publication schedule is quarterly i.

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  7. The journal invites editorials, original research, review articles, case reports, short reports, letter to the editor, Clinical images and radiological quiz etc. The instructions to the authors can be seen on the website for more convenience.

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    Every manuscript will be peer reviewed to add authenticity and to maintain the quality of the paper. The manuscript can be submitted online on the Submit Manuscript page. By submitting the manuscript, the authors would transfer copyrights to the Journal of Neonatal Surgery. The journal disclaims any harm or adverse event that occur by using the information presented in the journal.

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    Therefore, it is advised that the current literature must be considered along with other reliable sources before using the information presented in the Journal of Neonatal surgery. The journal retains all the rights of its publications and work under creative common Unported 3. Journal Help. Current Issue.

    Nurse mistakes pregnant transgender man as obese. Then, the man births a stillborn baby

    User Username Password Remember me. Notifications View Subscribe. Font Size. Current Issue: J Neonat Surg, Volume 8, Issue 1, 9 Journal of Neonatal Surgery is a peer reviewed, open access and online-only journal that promotes the dispersion of quality research in the field of Neonatal Surgery.

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