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Future proof is a buzzword that describes a product, service or technological system that will not need to be significantly updated as technology advances. In reality, very few things are truly future proof.

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In any field that depends heavily on technology, a regular cycle of replacing and updating appears to be the norm. Techopedia explains Future Proof Trying to ensure that a product or system is future proof is often a fruitless labor. While certain aspects of a system remain fairly consistent - such as the materials used to build it — the design and capabilities are bound to be outdone as improved versions are released.

Cloud computing is sometimes touted as a future proof solution because the updates and upgrades are invisible to the end user.


While this gives the appearance of being future proof, there are still teams of developers working like hell to make sure a cloud computing solution keeps up with current technology. Share this:. Related Terms.

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Either sit still or move! Adapt or die! Highly recommended! Importantly, Caleb and Minter astutely put collaboration and responsibility as a core mindset. Use this as a desktop reference to guide your company and career. It disrupted my mind!

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Futureproof gets beyond that with helping you decide what kind of a leader you want to be in the face of constant change, with a roadmap for success. Although this can be set as a Boardroom task and delegated down, disruption starts with a mindset.

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Caleb and Minter's amazing book is written to challenge business minds and help practically implement the technology, enabling organisations to realise the shift and develop the skills to succeed. Incredibly stimulating and thought-provoking. A must read for all. Someone is planning to eat your food; make sure you improve your business so you and your families don't starve.

A superb provocative guide to the power of the new with clear steps on how leaders can drive change and unleash their potential.


More than anything else this book makes the complex seem simple, refreshingly jargon free. Why it matters, why it can be hard and easy at the same time, and what you can learn from others. Definitely a must read.

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  • But what is it made of? The book gives you 12 key driving forces of this upcoming revolution… Reading it not only helps to understand but lets you better focus on what is important and what is not. For everyone, student, retired, business executive entrepreneurs…". Minter Dial and Caleb Storkey are your guides. The authors outline 12 forces of disruption that are an excellent foundation for benchmarking your organisation and a start point for planning for disruption.

    What must you do to prepare for accelerating challenges and opportunities for your customers and your markets? How will you embrace change and take decisive action in a world of increasing uncertainty? Mark C. Their holistic analysis is a toolkit for any business leader on embracing change, but it's a particularly potent call to arms for marketers and communicators who need to narrate it.

    The authors are immersed in the world of disruptive innovation and usefully share the thinking and skills that we need to deal with in the future. In Futureproof, Caleb and Minter not only outline the core mindsets needed to be an entrepreneurial leader but provide an outstanding practical guide to implement these technologies both into your team and into your business. I so completely recommend it. This book is a must read for any entrepreneur or business executive who needs to figure out how to deal with the avalanche of new tech opportunities. Futureproof will definitely help you alter and adapt your mindset.

    Caleb Storkey Caleb Storkey is a serial entrepreneur, international trainer and consultant, in innovation, entrepreneurism and marketing. Then keep diving in. Ignore its message at your peril. Meaningfulness The importance Of purpose and values. Cloud What happens if the cloud disappears? Internet of Things Do we really get to have robots at home? Artificial Intelligence What am I thinking now. And now?