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Skip to main content Press Enter. Compendium Report Other Publications. Calendar Year Calendar Year May 16, — Publicly released: May 17, Objective We determined to what extent the DoD has prepared to respond to future natural disasters within U.

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Finding The DoD prepared for natural disasters by developing a framework for natural disaster preparedness. Conclusion The DoD prepared for natural disasters by developing a framework for natural disaster preparedness that includes guidance, exercises, corrective action programs, training, advanced contracts, and interagency agreements. By Anna T. By Milan Vego Commentary. By Randy Eshelman and Douglas Derrick. By Andrew Herr.

By Richard J. Hayes, Jr. By Vincent A. By Tyrone L. Groh and Richard J. Bailey, Jr. By Eugene Haase. By Robert B. Brown and Jason N. By Patrick J. Reinert and John F. Hussey Recall. By John Erath Book Reviews.

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By David A. By Alice A. By Francis P. Sempa Joint Doctrine. By Rick Rowlett, Carl A. Young, Alan F. Mangan, and Steve M. Joint Force Quarterly Over the last 10 years, efforts have focused on new response frameworks and building capacity to respond to such events, but little consideration has been given to capitalizing on a process that would rapidly generate and deploy Title 10 Department of Defense DOD capabilities, especially the Reserve components. The current process is cumbersome, inefficient, and potentially leads to unnecessary loss of life and human suffering.

History has illustrated over and over again that the first 72 hours of any catastrophe is the window in which we are most likely to save lives. Squandering time to run mobilization of Reserve units through the current force generation process is unacceptable.

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The National Guard NG , constitutionally under the command and control of the governors of the states and territories, has a primary role to support civilian authorities in the aftermath of emergencies and disasters. The NG has always been the most responsive military asset aligned to perform this role due to the close proximity of the units situated in more than 3, communities throughout the Nation.

In , Congress wisely expanded community-sourced capabilities with a change to Title 10 U. Katrina clearly illustrated that the Active component AC and, more important, the NG can rapidly muster and deploy tens of thousands of personnel with a vast array of capabilities, often within the first 12 to 72 hours. January 20, : Air Force implements additional security measures. January 19, : Michigan National Guard activated to support Flint water crisis.

January 15, : President Declares Disaster for Washington. January 14, : Army officials to brief results of anthrax shipment investigation. January 14, : Louisiana Guard members continue building, monitoring flood barriers. January 12, : North Carolina Guard tests storm response.

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January 11, : Louisiana Guard prepares for rising flood waters. January 8, : Missouri National Guard completes flooding emergency response; shifts to recovery efforts. January 1, : Missouri Guard members continue to battle historic flooding. Business Opportunities. Countering WMD. Cyber Policy.

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