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Renee is 16 years old when she becomes pregnant, drops out of school, and marries Kenny, her oafish boyfriend who is two years her senior. Predictably, this is not a "happily-ever-after" union. Kenny degenerates from a disagreeable lout into an abusive brute. Renee finally gets up the gumption to take their son and leave Kenny. But there the predictability ends. Unanticipated and surprising events transpire after Renee walks out on Kenny.

Yet, what unfolds next still feels genuine and believable, making this story very compelling.

The characters are not one-dimensional stereotypes, but are painted as complex human beings. Renee, who is initially rather aimless, does develop ambitions to have a better life for herself and her son, and gets a job and goes to college. But she never undergoes a Superwoman metamorphosis. She struggles, makes mistakes, has lapses in judgment - she has her flaws as well as bad luck , but you still totally root for her.

Kenny cannot be written off as completely vile and good for nothing, as his love for his son is so strong. There are no clear victors in their battles, and plenty of disappointment and heartache to go around.

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Given the circumstances, the book has a satisfying ending. There is also an epilogue, which briefly summarizes what happened to all of the characters in years hence. I appreciated that post script, but I loved this author's writing style so much that I would have been very happy had the book continued into the future and drawn out all of these events to their conclusion.

I simply didn't want the book to end. While "When Horses Had Wings" is certainly a poignant tale, it is not a depressing, oppressive book. This is largely due in part, I think, to the wonderful prose found in the story. Estill is a true wordsmith and not only did I enjoy the actual story itself, it was a separate pleasure just to read the words. The story is narrated by Renee, and her self-deprecating nature ensured that even a good bit of humor found its way into the book.

I look forward to reading more of Ms. Estill's work. August 17, - Published on Amazon. It took me 5 years to finally read this book after I purchased it and I'm glad I finally got around to it.

This story is pretty dark, sad, and depressing. You might ask, "then why read it? This book is about life, a life that a lot of people live while the rest of us go on with our 'normal' lives. It's about finding strength and encouragement when you grew up with either. This is not a book that makes you feel good but it will make you feel. I thought it was a pretty easy read. Most, if not all, the characters were flawed and not very likeable but I found a few redeeming qualities now and again.

August 7, - Published on Amazon. I loved the title and picked the book up thinking it was a story I might enjoy. Was I ever glad I did! Anne is sixteen years old when she falls for Kenny and becomes pregnant. They marry and have a son they name Sean.

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Anne is elated over her son's birth and becomes the mother she always wished her own mother had been. Kenneth, no longer a boy, is an unfeeling man, who is abusive to Anne. She isn't allowed to drive, hit, put down and mistreated in every way Kenny can think of.

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Although he always pleads for forgiveness, Anne is terrified of him hurting their son. Thus begins the saga of a young mother with no skills or school diploma who pulls herself up by the bootstraps to make something of herself and care for her son alone, without the father she believes is unsuitable. What follows is divorce, a heartbreaking custody battle, and growing up through each thing Anne has to endure.

The story comes full-circle at the end and you'll be surprised. A great read! November 19, - Published on Amazon. Renee is 16 years old and pregnant to a lazy, contoling man named Kenny.

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  • They have a shot gun wedding and move into a low income duplex. Renee is poor and uneducated but has a heart full of love. At the last second, I scanned the object and shot her a smirk. Through the store windows, I noticed the sun had crept low on the horizon. The shoppers that had previously lined the two staffed register lanes were all gone. Probably they were home, their dinners cooked and eaten, their feet propped before their television sets.

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    Clearly, I am not a good cashier because I am too slow. Feeling inept, I reminded myself that I didn't go to college to become a proficient grocery checker; yet, there I was. The Evil One said, "Fifty-nine dollars and sixty-seven cents is your total. Please select your payment method. There should have been another option I've since decided-one that said "Lost Time, Hypertension, and Humiliation. The Rebate Factor. He hadn't bothered to consider the consequences of "the rebate factor.

    I shuddered, realizing what this meant. Later, I followed my man into the electronics mega-center like a calf being led to slaughter. The trip reminded me of my childhood excursions to the hardware store with my dad-only there were no nails. If I wanted to injure myself, I'd have to venture into the combat zone over by the high definition TVs.

    After an hour-long debate over the pros and cons of extended warranties, modems, cables, mouses mice? He rolled his eyes. Once he'd unpacked all the boxes, my fellow lamented, "Good grief. There's, like, sixteen rebates here! I hid inside my office and pretended to be writing. But eventually I mumbled, "Uh-uh.

    A few seconds later he yelled, "How in the heck am I supposed to send the original UPC code to two different places? Where are my glasses? I can't find the flashlight, and I can't read a darn thing on these forms! By the time I joined hubby in the hallway, I was feeling pretty smug. The sight of him sitting there, straddle-legged, hovering over nine receipts with a magnifying glass cracked me up. This was quite possibly the worst rebate challenge either of us had ever encountered. Each rebate required submittal of a copy of the sales receipt, original UPC code, and the serial and ESN numbers cut from the box.

    Months passed, and I forgot all about those rebates. While sorting through our mail one day, I noticed what looked like an advertisement from my guy's favorite electronics store. I'm not getting suckered into any more of their deals. I stuck the ad in together with some empty envelopes to be discarded. Then for no reason, I decided to open it. I'm thinking maybe I'll use the money to pay for our meds.

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