Converbs in Cross-Linguistic Perspective

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Other terms that have been used to refer to converbs include adverbial participle , conjunctive participle , gerund , gerundive and verbal adverb Ylikoski A converb depends syntactically on another verb form, but is not its argument. It can be an adjunct , an adverbial , but it cannot be the only predicate of a simple sentence.

It cannot depend on predicates such as 'order' Nedjalkov Thus, the subordinate sentence can be understood as a temporal adverbial. There is no context in which the argument structure of another verb or construction would require -megc to appear, and there is no way possibly except for afterthought in which a -megc -clause could come sentence-final.

Thus, -megc qualifies as a converb in the general linguistic sense. Such "polyfunctionality" is common. Japanese and Korean could provide similar examples, and the definition of subordination poses further problems.


There are linguists who suggest that a reduction of the domain of the term converb to adverbials does not fit language reality e. Slater PDF Restaurar Eliminar definitivamente. Seguir a este autor. Nuevas citas sobre este autor. Linguistics, University of Mainz.

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