C Sharp Language Specification ECMA-334

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Specifications for each technology were developed by Microsoft and co-submitted by Microsoft, Intel and Hewlett-Packard.

Van den Beld continued: "Microsoft is to be congratulated on giving the industry powerful tools to enable vendor-neutral development of Web services, which are creating new opportunities for application developers and enterprises alike. Independent research firm Directions on Microsoft www. Microsoft released C in June ECMA is a not-for-profit industry association of technology developers, vendors and users.


Ecma C# and CLI Standards

Industry and other experts work together in ECMA to complete standards. Read time 2min 20sec. Main areas of standardisation include: Scripting and programming languages; Optical and Magnetic storage; High speed interconnects; Safety, Environmental, Acoustical and Electromagnetic product attributes; Enterprise and Proximity Communication and Networking; and File and Volume structures.

Editorial contacts. Microsoft SA Amy Erasmus v-amyer microsoft. Have your say.

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Hello, I have found conflicting unreliable information about which standard corresponds most closely to which version of the C Language Specification published by Microsoft e. I don't know if there's a normative source for that information. As far as I can tell they are virtually identical. Do these versions indeed correspond most closely to C 2. The C Language Specifications 3.

Introduction to C# Tutorial:

NET Framework is a conforming implementation of both of these standards. You must log in or register to reply here.

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Oct 4, ECMA standardization. Nov 13, ECMA event variable declarator.

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