Bede Griffiths: A Life in Dialogue

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Beatrice Bruteau, Quest Books, Bede Griffiths: A Life in Dialogue.

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His departure for India was also an expression of this religious intention. His theological approach, however, transcended his personal and religious attitudes.

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He proposed the meeting of Hinduism and Christianity as solution to the evils of the human society worldwide. He believed the meeting of all the world religions—represented by the meeting of Hinduism and Christianity—was the only way to solve the major problems of the world such as poverty, oppression, exploitation, injustice, the loss of human rights, the growing rate of suicide, and the like. The problems of the world are different from the problems of the West.

Poverty, injustice, and the suppression of human rights are the principal problems of the East. The loss of the sense of God, the renunciation of religion, the rising suicidal rate are the principal problems of the West. If Hinduism and Christianity can meet together, Griffiths believed the evils of the East and West could be solved and humanity would have a future.

Griffiths was convinced that the ills of the West were caused by godlessness. He strongly argued that West should recover its religious basis, if it was to have a future.

When the West learns the sense of the sacred and recognizes the religious basis of humanity and the natural order, then there will evolve a new spirituality that will pave the way to a new world order. This new spirituality will also offer the East the remedies that it needs. The ideals of modern science and technology, of humanism and democracy [9] will help the East overcome the evils of poverty, dehumanization, exploitation, and injustice.


Criticism of Science and Reason. Griffiths was very critical of modern Western civilization.

Bede Griffiths: A Life in Dialogue (S U N Y Series in Religious Studies)

As noted above, he was convinced that beneath all its external achievements, modern civilization was producing a growing sense of emptiness and meaninglessness. According to Griffiths, modern civilization has a fundamental flaw. It has lost sight of the goal, which all the ancient cultures held steadily before their eyes. It has come to believe in scientific materialism and has rejected the spiritual basis of reality.

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Griffiths condemns this position in the strongest possible terms:. The scientific materialism in the modern world is the precise counterpart of pagan idolatry idolatry is nothing but their worship of images, the mistaking of the image of truth for Truth itself in the ancient world; it is the substitution of appearance for reality. But of the reality which underlies the appearance, of the real nature of things, science can give us no knowledge at all.

We only begin to awake to reality when we realize that the material world, the world of space and time, as it appears to our senses, is nothing but a sign and a symbol of a mystery which infinitely transcends it. So we should not mistake the symbol for reality. It is not wrong to be concerned about the phenomenon, but it is an error to stop with the phenomenon and not to go more deeply into the reality behind it. Only the reality behind the phenomenon has absolute validity, not the phenomenon itself, as modern science supposes.

We in the West have grown up under the influence of Aristotle and the Greeks. We think of reason acting upon the evidence of the senses as the normal mode of human knowledge. It is this which has been sought in the East from the time immemorial and which gives the true knowledge of God. It is a knowledge derived from contemplation, a wisdom which descends from above and directly enlightens the soul.

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Following his criticism of science and reason, Griffiths describes how the Indian spiritual traditions have understood the truth about God. There is one absolute, eternal, infinite, unchanging Being, which is the unique source of all existence, of all knowledge and of all life: which is above all things and in all things and for which all things exist. This absolute Being may be conceived in different terms, but in one form or other it is the basis of all religion, not only in India but in China and throughout the East. This is what we have called the spiritual foundation of mankind and the ground of all religion.

Griffiths understood well the mystery of the spiritual foundation of the world which is God, as believed in the spiritual traditions of the East and the West. God, man and the universe were seen in their right relationship to each other. Man is the image of God who is his creator. Up until the twentieth century, Christian theology had recognized only one revelation, the revelation of God in Jesus Christ. The recognition of the revelation of God though the cosmos and in all the peoples of the earth does not narrow down or reduce the importance of Christian revelation.

Griffiths grounds his thesis in the biblical account of creation. The first revelation of God to humankind starts with his revelation or relationship or covenant with Adam. The second cosmic covenant was made with Noah. Griffiths says that the Jewish people understood Noah to be the father of humankind. After the flood a new humanity comes into existence. Hence, according to the Jews, Noah became the father of humanity newly created by God.

Bede Griffiths: Wisdom of a Prophet - The New Vision of Reality 1992

The three sons of Noah represented all the nations of the world known to Israel at the time: Shem, the Semitic people; Ham, the Hamitic Egyptians and Canaanites ; and Japheth, the islanders, the Greeks and others. According to this understanding, no one is outside this covenant of God. Christians can speak of the various religions of the world as being within the plan of God rather than outside it. As for Griffiths, the Bible itself records that God made a covenant with humankind before entering into a covenant with Israel.

Griffiths interprets this passage to mean that the covenant was made with the whole of humanity. As a third example of the cosmic covenant, Griffiths points to Melchizedek, a pagan priest who is said to have been a king of Salem and also the King of Jerusalem.

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This passage clearly shows that God had already revealed himself to the Gentiles. To be precise, God revealed himself first to the Gentiles and only then to the chosen people of Israel. We may rightly conclude that the God of heaven and earth, who wanted to disclose himself to humanity at large, did so at the very beginning, before he revealed himself to the Jews in a special disclosure through Abraham, Moses, and the prophets. He says that God revels himself first of all in and through nature or creation and secondly through the soul or conscience.

Griffiths is prompt to point out that this has been the constant teaching of the Church. The world which surrounds him is for him a sign of the creator. Basing itself on this scriptural teaching, the Second Vatican Council stated that. While it is true that many do not believe in God, it is also true that God does not cease to exist simple because people do not believe in him. But we still have to ask how God reveals himself to unbelievers. But this revelation of God in Jesus Christ is also meant for everyone. He realised that God was feminine as well as masculine and was one of the first advocates of married clergy and ministries for women.

Like that other great Catholic mystic Thomas Merton who also travelled to the East, Griffiths believed that meditation should take a central place in worship. Griffiths was a proponent of integral thought, which attempts to harmonise scientific and spiritual world views.

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