Adapting Historical Knowledge Production to the Classroom

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Lessons learnt, lessons lost: Pedagogies of repression, thoughtcrime, and the sharp edge of state power. Activists and the surveillance state: Learning from repression pp. The plantation-to-plant-to-prison pipeline: An interview with David Austin. Reflections on knowledge, learning and social movements: History's schools pp.

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Introduction: Unfree labour? Oakland, CA. Shifting the margins: Learning, knowledge production and social action in migrant and immigrant worker organizing. In Mizzi, R. Migrant workers, capitalist globalisation and resistance. In Choudry, A, and Hlatshwayo, M. In Caouette, D.

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    Saving biodiversity, for whom and for what? Conservation NGOs, complicity, colonialism and conquest in an era of capitalist globalization. Building counter-power from the ground up: Contesting NGOization through social movement learning and knowledge production.

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    Global justice? Contesting NGOization: Knowledge politics and containment in anti-globalization networks. Learning from the ground up: Global perspectives on knowledge production in social movements , pp. Challenging colonial amnesia in social justice activism. Not under the same sky: Bilateral free trade agreements FTAs , agriculture and food sovereignty. In Satyanarayana Prasad, P. Salamanca Cardona, M.

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    Activist research for education and social movement mobilization.

    Almost everything you always wanted to know about activist research but were afraid to ask: What activist researchers say about theory and methodology. Contention: The multidisciplinary journal of social protest , 1 2 , Temporary agency worker organizing in an era of contingent employment. Activist research and organising: Blurring the boundaries, challenging the binaries. International Journal of Lifelong Education. Labour struggles for workplace justice: Migrant and immigrant worker organizing in Canada.

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    Dominant and alternative accounts of globalization. Baltodano, C.

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    Learning Science as Explorers: Historical Resonances, Inventive Instruments, Evolving Community

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    Digital, political, radical. Cambridge: Polity. Socialist Studies. Tamara Starblanket.

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    Suffer the little children: Genocide, Indigenous Nations and the Canadian state. Atlanta, GA: Clarity Press. Studies in Social Justice 13 1 , Irene Watson Ed. Indigenous Peoples as subjects of International Law.